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We now offer Thermo Plasma Metalizing

NEW! Certified Anti-Ram Fenceline system
Our ARFS 466 Received an ASTM F2656-15 M50 P2 Certification.
Where the system completely arrested the 15,000 lbs truck, traveling 50 mph. The barrier remained intact.
After impact, the truck was able to travel only 28" outside of the P1 standard, due to the use of a long, unsupported span.

Looking for Security Gates Solutions?
Our custom
Anti-Ram Industrial Barrier Gates are engineered to surpass the DOD K12 L3 standards.

Force Protection Specialists

  • ASTM F2656-07 M30-M50 Certified Swing and Slide Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers

  • Engineered solutions for unique Anti-Ram requirements up to H50

  • Turn-key Barrier Solutions, from design and testing to production and installation

  • Pedestrian and vehicle traffic management

  • Fenceline and Height Restricting Systems

  • Most tamper resistant barriers on the market

  • Mirror image construction; all systems built to withstand impact from any direction

We Manufacture: *Volume and contractor discounts up to 20%

Manufacturing operations in
Southern California

(760) 948 - 6 7 7 7

17201 Darwin Ave
Hesperia CA 92345

  • Swing Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Portable Security Gates
  • Ornamental/Anti-Personnel - Suitable for private residences - Small business locations.
  • Ornamental only
  • Garage Door Protection
    • Top quality materials.
    • Impact resistant latching.
    • Impact resistant hinge/support structure.
    • Guaranteed installation.
    • Warranties support.

We provide security hardware to commercial, institutional, industrial, and critical infrastructure projects in the USA and Canada.

  See the crash tests -
Truck VS Fence movie
Truck VS Gate  movie.
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Best Sellers
01. Light Service Duty Security Gate - 12'-30’ AR-100
02. SR 466 Sliding Security Gate - M50 Certification
03. ASTM F2656-07 M30 Certified - 12'-36’ opening AR266
04. Designed to achieve a K8 DoD Rating - 12’-36' opening AR366
05. DOD K12 L3 Certified -12’- 40' opening - AR 466
06. Ultra Heavy Duty Security Gate - 12’-40' opening - AR 400
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