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Thermo Plasma Metalizing

We now offer in-house and on site arc sprayed galvanizing with pure zinc, aluminum, zinc/alum alloys.
Prices are from $5.00 to $7.00 Per Square Foot.

Zinc, Zn/Al, and Aluminum metal coatings are anodic to steel. Galvanizing and Arc Sprayed Coatings protect steel exactly the same way: they provide a protective anodic layer over the steel.

Since the coatings are anodic, they will sacrifice themselves to absorb the corrosion that nature intended for the steel. 
Arc spraying coatings differ slightly from galvanizing as they produce a more porous and more pure coating, whereas galvanizing tends to absorb iron into the coating. 
There is no iron in the arc sprayed coating. 

Additionally, the porous arc sprayed coating readily accepts sealer coatings.  The sealer will penetrate the coating, minimize exposure, and slowdown the dissolution process caused during the galvanic corrosion protection of steel.
The net result: the arc sprayed coating life is extended way beyond that expected for galvanizing, and the amount of zinc exposed for dissolution is controlled by the sealer to allow more than 50 years of corrosion protection to steel.
Aluminum or zinc aluminum alloys also provide galvanic protection to steel. These materials can provide longer life protection in a very aggressive corrosion environment.

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